Torbole sul Garda is a stunning place for learning how to windsurf or improve your skills. Our windsurf school is located at Conca d'Oro beach just outside of Torbole, which is not only the windiest spot on Lake Garda but also considered the most unique water sport environment on the north shore. With a professional windsurfing program suited for all students, the skills of our high-level instructors allow them to sail right next to you, giving you the confidence to quickly excel in the safest way. Whether you’re learning the basics, sailing your board upwind, or the use of foot straps, our team of coaches adapts the lessons to your ability and goals.



  • True windsurfing small group classes ensured every day
  • Professional multi-lingual instructors able to teach in Italian, English, German, Spanish and French
  • Complete video windsurfing clinic or private lessons options


  • Top class brand new Duotone and FANATIC windsurfing equipment for all levels and weight
  • Official test center located right on the water's edge
  • The only Lake Garda Windsurfing School where to find the latest gear 


  • Real-time radio main office assistance
  • A safety boat-watching service while you practice on the water
  • All instructors First Aid qualified


begin  |  first true wind

We start off the lesson with a brief orientation on the beach where you will learn the basics of wind theory and the first simulation techniques. In the next step, we go into the water where we will teach you how to balance on our stable beginner board and how to handle the sail. In addition, we will also show you how to steer, how to turn around and how to sail in before your sail out. The BEGIN coaching program is made for all students looking to become independent sailors in light wind conditions.


Level: Beginners 
Requirement: Everyone knows how to swim, no need to have practiced any water sports before
Duration: 2,5 hours per lesson
Group ratio: Approx. 6 students per instructor
Equipment: All first-choice Duotone, Fanatic and Ion (special novice) gear included


progress  |  in true confidence

During our PROGRESS course, you will learn a wide range of new maneuvers such as tacking, jibing, using the harness, beach starts, planing techniques, etc. Our trained instructors will take you beyond the basics by teaching you how to master your sailing skills on windsurf boards with smaller volumes. The goal of the PROGRESS course is to give you the competence to sail even in medium to strong winds.


Level: Intermediate/advanced
Requirement: Sailing in choppy waters and moderate winds without daggerboard
Duration: 2,5 hours per lesson
Group ratio: Approx. 6 students per instructor
Equipment: All first-choice Duotone, Fanatic and Ion gear included



Stance*, foot straps* ,fast tacks* ( * Level 4-5 ) or waterstart , carving jibes, stance, foot straps, jumping, forward loops, old-new school maneuvers, racing-slaloming techniques… you name it! The Duotone Pro Center Torbole has several highly skilled instructors who will teach you these advanced maneuvers in no time. It will leave you wondering why it was so hard to learn all these challenging moves in the first place. Also if you need any piece of advice on rigging/tuning your gear, the MASTER lesson is the right choice.


Level: Experienced sailors only
Requirement: Sailing in choppy waters and strong winds
Duration: 2,5 hours for the group lessons* ( until L 4-5) 
Group ratio for group lessons: Ca. 4 students per instructor
Duration: min 1 h for private lessons* ( waterstart, power jibe, ect)
Group ratio for private lessons: one on one
Equipment: All first-choice Duotone, Fanatic and Ion gear 



Children can now experience the excitement of windsurfing in a fun and safe environment with a specific program developed just for them. Not only do we use specialized boards and rigs from Fanatic and Duotone but we also have professional instructors trained to make lessons suitable for lighter weights. No matter what level your kid is, from total beginner to advanced, the JUNIOR course has been designed to make windsurfing accessible from a young age in a fun and very secure way.


Level: All levels
Requirement: Young swimmers, min. 6 years old
Duration: 2,5 hours for each lesson
Group ratio: Approx. 6 kids per instructor
Equipment: Child-friendly windsurf gear by Duotone, Fanatic & ION included


private  |  true coaching

Take your sailing to the next level! Whether you are just getting started with windsurfing or you are working on your loops, our Duotone Pro Center private course is the best option if you want to boost your skills. Based on your abilities, your personal instructor will adapt the lesson, so you can reach your goals in no time. A private windsurfing coach is also highly recommended if you need tips on rigging/tuning your equipment. The possibilities are endless; tell us what you want to learn and we will show you how to do it!


Level: all levels
Requirement: anyone knowing how to swim
Duration: min. 1 h
Group ratio: one-on-one
Equipment: all first-choice Duotone & Fanatic gear available


foil  |  a new dimension

Windfoiling is now on everybody’s mind. It is a true revolution, offering a whole new dimension to the sport. Only a few people had the chance to try it but today thanks to the Duotone and Fanatic windsurfing foil collection, we are proud to offer tailored lessons to anyone tempted to ride full speed above the water with only 7-10 knots of wind. The time needed to get flying is usually 2 to 4 hours, with full control flights after only 4 to 5 sessions. Safety first though! We provide the latest protection accessories together with following your progression on advanced waterproof intercom tools.


Level: Windsurfing experts only
Requirement: Use of foot straps on 120-140L boards
Duration: Min. 1 h
Group ratio: One-on-one
Equipment: All first-choice Duotone & Fanatic special foil gear are available